Harvey d. Johnson American legion post 295

Wall that Heals - Traveling Vietnam Wall

Shaumburg American Legion Post 1983 Above

Franklin Park American Legion Post 974 Below

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The Travel Page 

  This page will be used to discuss interesting facts concerning other American Legion post that we visit to highlight special events and special members of this posts or special events that take place.

For those that have come to this page to read my diary of my visit to other Post, I've had to put this into a PDF that is hosted in the cloud due the length of the document. Please select the button below to access the last upload of 7/25/15. Below are pictures of the various events that I've attended or participated in.

Contents of document

American Legion Chicagoland Tour                                                                                     
   Veterans' Memorial and Flag Rotation Ceremony.                                                            
Merle-Guild American Legion Post 208 in Arlington Heights, IL.                                        
   Too many Marines.                                                                                                          
Obama and WWII                                                                                                              
Franklin Park American Legion Post 974.                                                                            
American Legion District 9 Meeting.                                                                                    
     Ridgewood High School Veterans Memorial                                                                    

Palatine Post 690 incorporated in 1919.                                                                                

    Krispy Kreme Drive Sidebar                                                                                            
    U.S Army Security Agency (ASA)                                                                                      
    Back to Breakfast                                                                                                              
    Preamble to the SAL National Constitution.                                                                      
What is Americanism?.                                                                                                          
  `Fish Fry at Palatine Post 690.                                                                                            
Joseph P. Kennedy American Legion Post 11-11 Denver                                                        
    VT-4 Squadron Pensacola, Fl.                                                                                          
    Back to Dinner                                                                                                                  

 The Walls that Heals.                                                                                                           
 July 4, 2015 Week.                                                                                                              
 Flag not flown correctly                                                                                            
 Pillars of Honors

    U.S Coast Guard 

    What is a Battle Cross Memorial

    Colonel Jill Morgenthale                 


Pillars of Honor, worked with the memorial’s architect, Friedrich St. Florian, to secure the original model of the monument that now stands in Washington, D.C. Since its dedication in 2004, organizations such as Honor Flight have arranged for thousands of WWII veterans to visit the memorial and enjoy a day of camaraderie. Many, however, are simply unable to make the trip to Washington. According to Pillars of Honor, the average age of surviving WWII vets is 89 years old. The scale model is displayed at various locations around the mid-west 

is a way of bringing the National World War II Memorial to the people it honors. Most importantly, it serves as a visual reminder of their personal sacrifice and service to our country. 

Pillars of Honor Ceremony 


Merle-Guild American Legion Post 208 in Arlington Heights, IL

St. Patrick Dance.

Arlington Heights, IL Memorial Park.

Palatine American Legion Post 690

District 9 Americanism Ceremony.

Arlington Heights Veteran Memorial Flag Rotation Ceremony has been conducted weekly since November 1988 uninterrupted.

July 4, 2015 and Festival

Inside Post

Itasca, IL Veteran Park

Joseph P. Kennedy American Legion Post 11-11